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Тенгиз Тарба | Фотографии Абхазии

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Mountains of Abkhazia / Seasons

Hello to everyone. My name is Tengiz, I created the project ‘Mountains of Abkhazia’. In fours years of the project my team organized 32 expeditions, passed 750 km of mountain-hiking trails and spent a total of 160 days in the expeditions.

With a group of like-minded adventurers, we are launching a new Russian-Abkhaz project, unique to the entire Caucasus – ‘Mountains of Abkhazia. Seasons.’
Our main goal is to spread word about the unique beauty of mountains of Abkhazia and awaken the desire of the people of our country and the world to explore this beauty themselves. We hope that by discovering the unique and magnificent world of the Mountains of Abkhazia, people will feel more responsibility for the preservation of this natural beauty.

The Mountains of Abkhazia is a unique world, untouched by civilization and exists almost in a parallel reality with its stunning purity and nobility. Breathtaking mountain landscapes, deciduous and coniferous forests, alpine meadows, crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls and pristine lakes: and all of this dreamlike beauty is very close to us.

Today there are very few mountain-trails popular among tourists and that’s about it for mountains. For the majority of visitors the Mountains of Abkhazia remain a mysterious land. We want to revive the tourist mountain trails and routes popular in the Soviet period and open new and unexplored ones as well. We will introduce people to the traditions and rules of a proper behavior in the mountains. After all, the culture and traditions of Abkhaz people were largely influenced and shaped by the unique nature of the Mountains of Abkhazia.

As a part of this project, out team will organize hiking, horseback riding and road expedition to almost all mountainous areas of Abkhazia throughout winter, spring, summer and autumn of 2015. We will visit stunning and breathtaking places such as the Track of Agoura, Grybza Valley, the Arabika Mountain Range and the Lake Adyuada.

I would especially draw attention to the uniqueness of the five winter expeditions, each of which will last for 10 days. Our team will be delivered by helicopter to the most remote mountainous areas of Abkhazia, where the snow depths can be more than 8 meters.

You can follow our adventures in real time through our online broadcasting sessions and frequent photo reports of places visited. You will be the first ones to see the winter landscape and scenery of the Mountains of Abkhazia.

We will create a unique photo and video collection and database of all the significant natural wonders of mountainous Abkhazia. All of the photos will have detailed description of the trails and routes and we will plot all of the routes on the navigation maps. Moreover, we will prepare a series of television programs, video diaries and create a film about the project.

Become a friend of our project, follow our expeditions and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Mountains of Abkhazia! Discover this world with us!

Painted by Виктория Новоселецкая
Translated (into English) by Roustam Anshba